Purchasing In Ho Chi Minh City

October 6, 2018

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City as it is termed today will be the veritable cliche -A shopper’s paradise. The principle feature of shopping in the funding of Vietnam would it be is tourist oriented, just about everything on offer is intended for consumption by the hordes of visiting tourists. Having at the very least a basic expertise in bargaining would benefit you here as there are lots of eye catching items presented, from your usual touristy fare to elegant antiques and souvenirs.

The businesses in Ho Chi Minh City or somewhere else in Vietnam are definately not being drab; they’re a riot of colour from extensive decorative work to the colorful household goods displayed, large is an enticing prospect for tourists. The streets in the city are lined with small outlets selling indigenously produced toys, souvenirs and clothing most of which are incredibly reasonably priced. Shopping in Vietnam is often a blend of small vendors peddling locally made handicrafts to large western style stores selling much more luxury fare.

The primary open air markets in Ho Chi Minh are Ben Thanh Market, a night Market and also the War surplus market. The greatest of the lot is the Ben Thanh Market, that’s instantly identified by the larger clock tower at the traffic circle. This is a large old fashioned outdoor market with countless narrow alleyways who have store fronts. Due to regular patronage by tourists the market industry now has morphed in to a tourist attraction, many stalls now sell Vietnam t-shits and counterfeit branded jeans, caps and souvenirs.

A night Marketplace is located almost near the Ben Thanh Information mill usually open after 5.00 pm. This market also comes with a few food stalls where tourists can experience some local cuisine and check out a local drink. However, essentially the most interesting market coming from all should be the War Surplus Market; the forex market is sometimes referred to as the American Market or “Cho Cu”. Many military items left from your bloody American campaign against the Viet Cong rebels, that ended with large losses of life on both sides can be seen here. American war gear like old military uniforms, GI helmets, US Marine t-shirts and old army knives can be bought here. This might be an appealing destination to visit for collectors and Vietnam War veterans, the authenticity from the ware is not verified.

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